Asuka Method

Asuka Method is a new method to create your own authentic happiness and freedom. 

Once I heard my inner voice, but I was not sure how to go on and was struggling. In the meantime, I happened to learn different dance styles and different cultures, so I was in different environments and making different movements. Then, I discovered myself and the meaning of the inner voice I had heard. Through this discovery I grew and reached much further than where I thought I could reach.

All what we think, feel or do is our own choice. Did you know that? Have you ever thought where it comes from? It’s all from true inner self. How can we listen to our new voice and live through creating authentic happiness and freedom? We are naturally born with it, so we don’t need to change anything about ourselves.

You just need a trigger to make you hear your inner voice by changing your environment a little bit, and in Asuka Method, you will be guided to move a bit differently through different cultures, music and dance styles. By moving differently from what we are used to, we can see more, feel more and get to know ourselves more.

When I got close to myself, I’ve got more power from the universe and connected with more people, from who I got more power and vice versa.

It was such a beautiful experience that I decided to share with you. I offer a space where you feel safe and free to try the same by yourself, and I will guide you to reach your own goal.


Weekly classes at Amsterdam Dance Centre

On Wednesdays  19:00-20:30 Asuka Method Ballet (Intermediate)

On Sundays  10:00-11:30 Asuka Method Foundation Class (Beginners/Intermediate)

11:30-12:00 Asuka Method Point Class (All levels)


For Pre-education 

At Beyond Basic 

At Danshuis Haarlem 


“In her class you will not only meet yourself of course but also get a glance on how Asuka experiences music and movement. Also you’ll witness her great observation skills – I never left her class without personalized tips, tricks and exercises. ” – Nadine ()

“Rediscovering the joy of dancing again through the freedom of the movements. And it is functional. -Almania ()”

“The biggest challenge and joy for me is the musicality. It’s unique and unpredictable, that makes you dance.” -Yuliya()