Asuka Method Yoga Flow


Asuka Method Yoga Flow



Asuka Method Yoga Flow Class

On Mondays at Sento Spa and Health Club Amsterdam  20:00-21:15 


What is Asuka Method Yoga Flow?

It is a new dance method to create your own authentic happiness and freedom with yoga flow.
Through my experiences with dancing and living abroad since my young age to follow my dreams, I have met many people with different backgrounds and I have danced in different styles.
And I realized that we are pursuing the same thing; pure happiness and freedom.
So I have developed my own methodology to get to know ourselves and what we long for at the moment.
By making a lot of movements through the spine and dancing together with original music, we create a certain flow. It activates your entire body, mind and soul and creates a better balance.

In this class you recognize that she uses a lot of yoga elements. 

It works for strength building, a good night’s sleep, stress reduction, improvement of blood and energy circulation, mindfulness, pain reduction, correction of the posture, and improvement of flexibility of the spine.
Let’s spread our wings and fly as we want while enjoying being ourselves.


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